Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tudou and other Chinese Video sites.

You might not know this great sites that can hosts videos. I've come across this sites from searching around a Small sized videos which can be downloaded easily.,, are some of the popular sites that can host videos just like youtube. The main advantage of using this video hosts sites is that it is great for hosting new Full length movie cause the admin there dont mind much about it and they are rarely deleted from the sites. So unlike veoh,google video, youtube,stage6,etc New movies and uploaded and are not ( or rarely ) deleted so it makes downloading easy and resuming very easy. The other advantage is that the size are very small. A full length movie is around 200 MB and as resuming is supported its very helpful for a slow connection like myself to download the movies.
There are a good websites that gives out the movie links like , , If you want to download a movies from this sites, I've found a great site that gives out the direct links for the download sites. Goto and paste the video links there and you will get the direct video download links from it. You can use download manager like flashget to download it. Enjoy!!

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apatea said...

Great info sangte...
Lets hope i undrstand it to try it out hehe

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